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Hey everyone! Here is the Ohio ARES documentation for this Saturdays Red Cross exercise.
This is an important exercise that will show Red Cross our capabilities for digital message transfer,
and it will show our capabilities to activate and provide operators in a real situation. It is a good,
brief operating exercise. Please download or read all the files listed below
You might want to read ARRL Ohio Section Message Routing first, to get a good overview of what’s going on.
Then PART A and PART B explain our morning and afternoon exercise.
In addition, important information is in the documentation for your accessing Buckeye Net if necessary.
I recommend trying that as part of your exercise - we are expected to have NTS liaison in our operations!
Kudos to Matt KD8TTE who spent hours translating this into a well-documented event for us
(including spending much of the holiday weekend in front of a computer.)
For the Part B exercise, use the attached 6409 information- fill this into your nbems software
(either fldigi or WinLink) and send to the noted addressees.
We will be operating from the Delaware Chapter as N8DCA
(remember this is a second-level net not using the Sarge or EOC net structure.)
We will be active on or around 3.902 for voice comms, and we suggest 3585 (2000) as nbems if needed.
This would be a last resort, as you can read messages should be generated locally into the WinLink system.

Summit County ARES will be monitoring 146.580 Simplex for traffic and the ARES repeaters as a backup

ECNRS PART A Ohio Form 202.pdf
ECNRS PART B Ohio Form 202.pdf
ARRL Ohio Section Message Routing Concept of Operations, ARC May 30 Emergency Communication Nationwide Radio Simulation.pdf
6409 Disaster Requisition actual ARC.pdf

Click on the links above to open or save the files

EchoLink Software

WxWarn Software by N3FJP

WxSpots Software by N3FJP

fldigi by W1HKJ & Associates