Reference Documents

Summit County ARES ICS-217A
Summit County ARES ICS-217A
Ohio Section ARES ICS-217
Ohio Section ARES ICS-217
APRS Messaging "Cheat Sheet"
APRS Messaging "Cheat Sheet" by
Paul Bell (KD8BXY)
Fldigi Setup and Update Instructions
Fldigi Setup and Update Instructions by
Paul Bell (KD8BXY)
Operations Manual
Summit County ARES Operations Manual
W8ODJ License
The current club license
Communications Log Sheet
Communications log sheet and instructions for emergency response communications logging. This is the log form to use when ARES is activated for drills and actual emergencies.
Memorandum of Understanding with the Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club
American Red Cross MOU
Memorandum of Understanding with the American Red Cross
Salvation Army MOU
Memorandum of Understanding with the Salvation Army
Net Control
Instructions and Log sheet for the weekly net. This is what you need to run the net.
"J-pole" inexpensive, portable antenna
ARES 2m J-Pole
Amateur Radio Formal Message Format
PDF file from a PowerPoint presentation by Jim Miller, K8EIO (sk)
New ARES ICS-213 Form
PDF file of the new ICS-213 form to be used by ARES for formal message traffic handling
Anderson Powerpole Assembly Instructions
In an emergency situation, it's very useful to be able to
interconnect equipment from various sources: power supplies, transceivers, peripherals, etc.  To that end SUMCO-ARES recommends the use of 30 amp. Anderson Powerpole connectors to provide consistency in power connections.

Anderson Powerpole connectors are frequently available at hamfests for about $1 per pair (red/black) or less in 10-pair packages.

The link at the left provides a very detailed description of how to properly assemble these connectors by the folks at West Mount Radio. The actual instructions start a bit down the page.
EEI Guidelines
Guidelines for information passed to MARS affilliates during drills - and real emergencies of course!